What to text a girl when you first start talking?

Many guys find it difficult to know what to text a girl when they first start talking. This can make it seem like they’re wasting time.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of ways to keep the conversation flowing and get her excited about getting to know you more.

Asking a girl for her number is an important step in the process of establishing a connection and setting up a date. It is normal to feel nervous about this process, but don’t let it overshadow the fact that you need to have the confidence to ask her for her digits.

Instead, focus on engaging her with your attentiveness, wit, and charm during your conversation. Once you have a good understanding of her and she begins to feel attracted to you, then it is time to ask for her phone number.

Start out with something that relates to her hobbies, interests, or other activities she likes. If she is interested in art, for example, then say you’d love to check out a museum together sometime.

Ask her out

Asking a girl out can feel intimidating to many guys. It can also make them feel vulnerable.

The good news is that you can build up your confidence and get better at handling rejection. The more you ask a girl out, the better you’ll be at it.

You may even get her to say yes on your first try.

One of the most effective ways to get a girl to say “yes” is to give her a little extra attention. You can do this by smiling and making eye contact. Or you can initiate some physical contact, like touching her arm or brushing her hair out of her face.

Ask about her day

When you’re texting a girl, it’s often hard to know what to ask. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been dating for awhile, it can be difficult to come up with good questions.

Thankfully, there are some questions that will help you get started without worrying about your lack of creativity. And they’ll help you build a deeper connection with her.

First off, it’s important to ask her how she feels about her day. Maybe she had a great day, an okay day, or a not-so-good day.

Ask about her friends

The best way to get the conversation started is to ask a direct question like, “So what are you doing on Saturday?” This will give you a better idea of her schedule and preferences. It’s also a good idea to present her with a few options, like a brunch and a movie or vice versa. This will make the decision making process easier on both of you and save you from a sticky situation in which one of you is left out of pocket for the night. You’ll also avoid any surprise bumps that can occur if one of you doesn’t have her best interests at heart.

Ask about her hobbies

A hobby is something that you enjoy doing in your free time. It can be anything from collecting stamps and Americana to engaging creative or artistic endeavors, playing sports or exploring ideas and knowledge.

Hobbies are a great way to demonstrate your personality and interests. They can also help you to bond with other people and increase your social skills.

You can also use hobbies and interests to showcase your skills, which will help you land the job you want. For example, if you list team sports as one of your hobbies, you’re telling the hiring manager that you have strong teamwork skills.

Interests, on the other hand, are passive topics or ideas you’re interested in. If you’re applying for a job that requires international travel, for instance, listing this as an interest can help you to stand out from the competition.